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Latest news from the Institute

  • “South Side” opens Psychoanalysis Today series

    Natalie Moore Book SigningAuthor and Chicago Public Radio reporter Natalie Moore opened our initial Psychoanalysis Today session on the first Wednesday in October before a packed room of students, faculty and friends of the Institute.

    Moore, in conversation with Denia Barrett, director of the Institute’s Center for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy shared some of her own personal experiences growing up black in Chicago.

    For example, she related, half-joking and half-seriously, the cognitive dissonance she experienced one afternoon years ago on the Red Line el seeing a white crowd remain on the train south of Roosevelt. “Where are all these white people going?” she recalls asking herself — until they all got off at 35th Street to see a White Sox game at the ballpark nearby. "I felt relieved at having an answer to the question of where they were going,” Moore recalled.

    On a more serious note, Moore shared some of the stories from her book The South Side, describing pivotal events and policies that have influenced segregation on the South Side, such as the Chicago Public Housing “Transformation Plan” that saw the demise of Robert Taylor Homes and Chicago Public Schools' many missed opportunities for integration.

    Natalie’s presentation was useful background for a therapist who works on the South Side to know , said Aileen Schloerb, an attendee who also works as a clinician with the Center for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Schools Initiatives. 

    With its focus on subjective experience, contemporary psychoanalytic thought offers ways of understanding individual lives and the social world. Psychoanalysis Today presents conversations between Institute faculty and prominent scholars who address social issues of relevance to all. For the second year the series is underwritten by Yellowbrick Foundation. The next Psychoanalysis Today event is set for Jan. 17, on "Aging, Mourning, and the Meaningful Life," featuring Jonathan Lear and Martha Nussbaum. Ruth Grant and Jamie Kalven will be in conversation about "Complacency, Complicity, and Moral Courage” May 2. 

    photo: Natalie Moore signed copies of her book for Continuing Education committee chair Wendy Selene and Chief Administrative Officer Carolyn Handler after the event.


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