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The school year is getting off on the right foot.
One student writes: 

Just wanted to say that I found today’s classes engaging and interesting, and I am just even more excited to embark on this training. I was actually pleasantly surprised, as a distance student, by how well the Zoom platform worked and allowed for discussions that literally went around the world.  The cohort is obviously diverse, well-informed, and interested and I think our discussions are going to be enjoyable and informative.
(Distance Student, personal communication, September 6, 2019)


Kudos to our Authors!
Congratulations to faculty member Peter Shabad on the publication of his article, "Who Suffered More? Rivalry for the Right to be Loved," which appears in the latest issue of the journal Psychoanalytic Dialogues.

Shabad's article is a response to a piece in the same issue by the late analyst Harvey Peskin entitled, "Who Has the Right to Mourn?" Peskin argued that the denial of the wish to grieve causes an injury to one's sense of self. Shabad examines what it means to "have a right" to grieve and how to make sure individual expressions of grief are acknowledged.

The link below will take you to a summary of Shabad's article. Visitors to the McLean Library can view and download the article on our public computers.

Who Suffered More? Rivalry for the Right to be Loved