Kudos to Our Authors!

Congratulations to Institute partners Marcia Dobson and John Riker! This husband and wife team teach at Colorado College, where they created a minor in psychoanalysis in 2002.

The two have also visited the Institute annually every year since 2007 to teach undergraduates at the college some of the basic principles of psychoanalysis, in a course they also created, called “Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Theory and Practice.” Visiting students learn about the profession through guest lectures from Institute faculty members.

In the latest issue of the journal “Psychoanalytic Inquiry,” Dobson and Riker chronicle their experiences creating and teaching these courses. They also discuss their goals for bringing more such programs to undergraduate educational institutions across the country, while some of their current and former students recount their experiences learning about psychoanalysis.

Visitors to the McLean Library can read the full issue online or in print.