Kudos to Our Authors!

Congratulations to candidate Greg Rizzolo! His article, “The Life Cycle (Without Regression),” was just published online this month in The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.

In his article, Rizzolo argues that prevailing theories of regression to childhood situations and states of mind fail to account for the role that present-day conditions play in the lives of patients in psychoanalytic treatment. A number of his fellow practitioners today “challenge the reduction of adult suffering to the mere revival of childhood problems,” he writes.

Rizzolo’s article joins the critique of the traditional approach to treating neurotic conditions. His work “articulates and extends the critique to envision a life-span trajectory in which the subject cannot regress, but can only move forward through the reiteration of old problems in new contexts that give rise to novel mental configurations.”


Alexandra Appel-WongBelated congratulations also go out to Alexandra Appel-Wong on the publication of her article, “Psychoanalysis and Undergraduate Education,” in last fall’s issue of The American Psychoanalyst. She published the article along with co-authors John Riker, PhD and Marcia Dobson, PhD.

Riker and Dobson teach at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Each June, they travel with a group of undergraduate students who take courses here at the Institute with some of our faculty members.

Appel-Wong was one of those students in 2017. She is the principal investigator for the research project described in this article, in which the three authors examined offerings at the undergraduate level for psychoanalytic education.

Their research yielded encouraging results for the psychoanalytic profession: more than 800 courses at the undergraduate level offer some coverage of psychoanalytic principles, with most of them being offered in the departments of psychology or philosophy at various American universities and colleges. “In short,” the authors wrote, “a quarter of the premier universities and liberal arts colleges in the country have enough courses to be able to form a formal program or minor for the study of psycholanalysis.”

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