Kudos to Our Authors!

Congratulations to Adele Kaufman, a faculty member in the Institute’s Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program. Kaufman co-authored the new book, “Analyzing Children: Psychological Structure, Trauma, Development, and Therapeutic Action.”

In the book, principal author Edward Kohn discusses Kaufman’s work with a young girl named Ella, which Kaufman describes in a chapter of the same name. In the next chapter, Kohn relates some of Kaufman’s observations on her work with Ella, including the finding that the young girl’s parents expected too much from her in terms of self-regulation.

Kohn then compares Ella’s case with that of another young girl named Isabel, who was seen by fellow child analyst Christie Huddleston. This book is part of a collection of volumes called “The Vulnerable Child Series.”