Please join us for an Open House February 13 to learn more about our programs 

The Institute offers educational programs in psychoanalytic thought to mental health professionals and others seeking to apply these ideas in their own disciplines.  Our programs serve learners new to the field as well as those seeking deeper mastery.  At the Open House we will discuss programs for students interested in beginning classes next fall:

  • Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Thought provides a year-long foundational education in psychoanalytic thought, theory, and practice to mental-health clinicians, scholars, professionals in allied disciplines, college graduates, and the interested public.

  • In the Psychoanalytic Education Program mental health professionals undertake coursework, a personal psychoanalysis, and supervised clinical analytic experience to prepare to practice psychoanalysis of adults and of children, adolescents and families.

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:

-- The Adult Psychotherapy Program enhances licensed professionals’ clinical skills.  Two years of coursework and supervised clinical experience lead to a certificate.

-- The Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Program teaches clinicians developmental theory, clinical theory related to work with children, adolescents and parents, and surveys of the symptoms and psychological problems of childhood.  Three years of coursework and supervised clinical experience lead to a certificate.

  • Open Classes are for qualified individuals seeking to learn about or deepen their knowledge of psychoanalytic theory and practice on a course-by-course basis.

  • Psychoanalysis for Scholars serves academics with advanced degrees who wish to pursue psychoanalytic training; graduates may enroll in the Psychoanalytic Education Program.

  • Also available: are Exploring Psychoanalysis, a free once-a-month program open to advanced trainees and early career professionals in psychiatry, psychology and social work or allied fields with an interest in psychoanalysis, and the Psychotherapy Clinic Fellowship, a two-year, part-time program for mental-health clinicians to study and improve skills in providing adult psychotherapy using psychoanalytic principles.  NEW for 2019-20: Community Fellow scholarship will offer tuition remission to a mental health professional working full time in a community agency.

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