Franz Alexander sketch from Chicago Institute archives

Announcing the Franz Alexander Legacy Society, fall 2018

Legacy and bequest gifts have played an important role in ensuring the vision of Franz Alexander, who founded the Institute in 1932 after studying with Sigmund Freud. (pictured, right, in a sketch by Chicago physician Selig J. Kavka, M.D. from our archives).

These gifts have helped make the Institute the country’s premier training institution for psychoanalytic theory and practice. They have also played an important role in bringing psychoanalytically informed treatment to adults, adolescents and children through clinical services.
The Franz Alexander Legacy Society honors individuals who have included the Institute in their will, trust or other charitable planned gift. Legacy Society members envision the future and are determined to keep Franz Alexander’s mission — to better understand human beings and help them live better lives — alive forever.

A bequest may be made through a will or trust or you can name the Institute as a beneficiary of a bank account, IRA account, life insurance policy, company retirement plan, pension or other instrument that allows you to designate funds to a beneficiary. We encourage you to contact your financial advisor and/or attorney for advice on your specific situation. If you have already provided for the Institute in your will or trust, please inform us so that we may thank you for your generosity. 

Institute development staff are available to help you create a personal meaningful giving opportunity. Please contact Mary Mucci at or 312-897-1424.