Institute logoICSW Main LogoThe deans of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute and Institute for Clinical Social Work have announced a new agreement that lets students access the education programs of both institutions.

Psychoanalytic Partnership Offerings

Named the Psychoanalytic Partnership, the collaboration between the Institute and ICSW offers students from a wider range of professional backgrounds opportunities to train for a psychoanalytically-focused mental health career.  It is designed to take advantage of the strengths of each institution and expand educational opportunities for students.  Several pathways have been established:

Students who are pursuing analytic training at the Institute, but who do not yet have a mental health credential, can apply some Institute coursework to obtain a license-eligible degree in the ICSW Master’s program in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Students in the Institute’s Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Thought or Psychoanalysis for Scholars may take introductory clinical courses at ICSW.  They may enroll as at-large students in ICSW courses; they may obtain academic credit for those courses if they elect to enroll in the ICSW Master’s program within three years.

Candidates in the Institute’s Psychoanalytic Education Program who want to pursue a PhD at ICSW may transfer Institute coursework to meet some of the applicable requirements.

Doctoral students at ICSW who want a “specialization in child and adolescent psychotherapy” credential can transfer credit from their ICSW coursework and enroll as second-year students in the Institute’s Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program.

A student in either institution may enroll in a course at the other institution to meet their individual educational goals.

The goal of the new Psychoanalytic Partnership is to open new doors for interested students and increase availability of high-quality mental health services to Chicago and beyond.

About the Partners

The Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human beings— their feelings, thoughts and behavior—and to improving people’s lives.  It does so through education programs that provide advanced training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, treatment centers that provide psychoanalytically informed services for children, adolescents and adults, and through continuing education and community engagement programs that bring psychoanalytic ideas into public life.

The Institute for Clinical Social Work focuses on psychodynamic graduate studies.  Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, their clinically based programs offer a contemporary psychodynamic perspective, meaning equal attention is placed on conscious and unconscious motivations that create barriers to living a richer fuller life.  This allows the psychotherapist to assist clients in exploring underlying issues that may be causing difficulties in their lives and not just focusing on symptom reduction.

Additional information is available from the deans and associate deans of either institution:

Institute for Clinical Social Work (401 S State Street, #822, Chicago IL  60605, 312-935-4232): Dean Ida Roldan or Associate Dean Milka Ramirez

Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute  (122 S Michigan Ave, #1300, Chicago IL  60603, 312-922-7474): Dean Neal Spira or Associate Dean Leo Weinstein