I Know It In My Heart coverBarr-Harris Clinic's Judy Schiffman will be in conversation with Mary E. Plouffe, PhD, about her new memoir "I Know It in My Heart: Walking Through Grief with a Child" (She Writes Press | May 2017), 6 p.m. Wednesday at Seminary Co-Op Bookstore in Hyde Park, 5751 S. Woodlawn Ave. The bookstore requests, but does not require RSVPs for the free event.

Mary Plouffe has counseled others through grief for more than 35 years, but when Mary's sister suddenly and unexpectedly died, she had to mitigate her own grief while also caring for her three-year-old niece. 

When Mary Plouffe’s sister, Martha, decided to try one last, risky-but-promising treatment for breast cancer, Mary assumed care of Martha’s three year old daughter, Liamarie. But a three-week visit grew into months, while the treatment they hoped would extend Martha’s life took it instead. I Know It in My Heart: Walking through Grief with a Child is the story of one loving sister, a motherless child, and a terrified father facing unimaginable loss together. 

Told by Plouffe—a grieving sister who is also a psychologist with thirty-five years experience in child/adult therapy—the story is more than a memoir; it is an exploration of childhood and adult grief that ultimately displays the healing power of love and family. Parents, therapists, and anyone else who wants to understand loss though the eyes of a child will find useful information here for guiding children through tragedy, and understanding how loss impacts them as they grow.