Welcome new Psychoanalytic Fellowship Program members

This September the Psychoanalytic Fellowship Program will welcome 20 new Fellows. This group of social work, psychology, counseling, and psychiatry professionals and residents is joined by an artist and interior decorator. 
Meeting monthly, the group will discuss readings selected to expose them to core ideas about psychoanalytic theory and practice. In addition throughout the year, each Fellow will meet monthly with a member of the Institute faculty to discuss their interests, clinical material, or research ideas. 
Four case conferences where Fellows present their own clinical work and receive feedback from their peers and faculty provide an opportunity to further deepen their understanding of psychoanalysis. We are delighted to welcome this accomplished group of young people who are eager to expand their horizons:
  • Lutfi Alkaddour, MA (PsyD student)
  • Stacey Austin, PsyD
  • Marina Bayeva, MD, PhD
  • Alice Caceda, MA (Counseling)
  • Indrany Datta-Barua, MD
  • Lisa Karaitis, PsyD
  • Amanda Kerschner, MFA
  • Annette LePique, MA (Art History)
  • Mollye Levy, PsyD
  • Anne-Marie Lindquist, MA, LPC
  • Michael Morin, PhD
  • Ashley Moser, BA (completing Masters)
  • Scott Niewinski, MA (PsyD student)
  • Emma Peck-Block, MA, LSW
  • Hugh Seller, MD
  • Collin Shotts, MA (PsyD student)
  • Jamie Tolmatsky, MA (PsyD student)
  • Olivia Torres, MA (PsyD student)
  • Simon Weismantel, MSW, LSW
  • Weina Xu, MS, LCPC
  • Timothy Yovankin, MD
Application for the Fellowship program will re-open next spring. Please contact Dale Gody with questions or comments about the Fellowship Program.


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