From the Library Collection: "Assessing Schizophrenic Thinking"

Many of the books in the collection at the Institute's McLean Library were written by clinicians practicing at the Institute. From time to time, we try to highlight some of their published work. Here we offer a brief description of one of these publications, “Assessing Schizophrenic Thinking,” by faculty member Holly Johnston, PhD.

Johnston published the book in 1979 with her dissertation head and mentor Dr. Philip S. Holzman. The book provides a detailed description of the Thought Disorder Index, a measurement tool that Johnston developed for her PhD dissertation. She expanded and adapted this index from an older scale used at the Menninger Clinic in the 1950s, where Holzman had studied and taught before coming to Chicago in the 1970s.

Johnston’s book with Holzman builds on her previous research on schizophrenia. Both the Thought Disorder Index and the book have been cited frequently in subsequent publications right up to the present day.


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Book Sale is On at the McLean Library!

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2018 Looking Forward to Spring Book Sale

Dear Institute Community,

With snow in the forecast for the foreseeable future, there may be no better time to "dream" of warmer weather. The McLean Library's Looking Forward to Spring 2018 Book Sale is going on now, with lots of titles on dreams, like Dream Analysis by Ella Freeman Sharpe, and Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Dream by Paul SloaneWith Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may want to check out Richard Sterba's Introduction to the Psychoanalytic Theory of the Libido.
We also have some excellent selections on technique and effectiveness, as well as a number of books on Freud, who spoke of the importance of love in the therapeutic process.
Please stop by the library any time between now and the end of February to see what we have on hand. 
Happy Valentine's Day!