Human beings and being human are at the core of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute’s mission. The Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human beings— their feelings, thoughts and behavior—and to improving people’s lives.

Since 1932, the Institute has contributed to the expansion of the field of psychoanalysis through education and scholarship. Today, the Institute offers a contemporary model of psychoanalytic thought relevant to individual and community life.

The Institute’s education programs for mental health professionals provide advanced training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. The Institute’s treatment centers provide psychoanalytically informed services for children, adolescents and adults. Its continuing education and community engagement programs bring psychoanalytic ideas to public discussions of cultural and social issues.

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Latest news from the Institute

  • All Books Now 50% Off as Book Sale Enters Final Week. Weeding Sale Begins Today!

    Dear Institute Community,

    Thank you all for making the McLean Library Spring 2019 Book Sale such a success. We have found a lot of good homes for a lot of great books. The remaining titles are now half off the original list price.

    We've also been trying to weed some books from the collection. We sometimes have as many as four copies of a particular book, and we only need one!

    A volunteer came in last Friday and weeded several hundred titles. The attached picture should give you some idea just how many extra books we had. 

    These books are priced to move at $5 each, so stop on by and see if there are any items you might be interested in.

    This sale will last until all the weeded books are gone.