Human beings and being human are at the core of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute’s mission. The Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human beings— their feelings, thoughts and behavior—and to improving people’s lives.

Since 1932, the Institute has contributed to the expansion of the field of psychoanalysis through education and scholarship. Today, the Institute offers a contemporary model of psychoanalytic thought relevant to individual and community life.

The Institute’s education programs for mental health professionals provide advanced training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. The Institute’s treatment centers provide psychoanalytically informed services for children, adolescents and adults. Its continuing education and community engagement programs bring psychoanalytic ideas to public discussions of cultural and social issues.

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Latest news from the Institute

  • Congratulations to 2019 graduates

    Collage of 2019 graduation images

    Photos by Tone Stockenstrom Photography, Inc. From top left, standing ovation for the graduates; Board Chair Bob Graham recognized Dean Neal Spira and Associate Dean Leo Weinstein, graduates with Director of Education Administration Alison Chandler,  Joann Dakota Cimo introduced Teacher of the Year Ann Kaplan, 2019, and Weinstein and Spira with guitars. See more graduation photos here


    Faculty, students and friends of the Institute gathered Friday, June 14 to celebrate 31 graduates of Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Thought and the Adult Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Education programs.

    Board Chair Bob Graham, representing both the board and also President Erika Schmidt who was unable to attend, recognized outgoing Dean Neal Spira and Associate Dean Leo Weinstein for their service to the Institute over the past five years.


    “They’ve been thoughtful, caring and successful in their collaboration with colleagues and everybody at the Institute,” Graham said. “They’ve also been excellent sounding boards about every proposal. Neal and Leo think things through and help us reach decisions we need to reach. As Erika stated in preparation for tonight, we’re very appreciative for that and also for their vision of psychoanalysis as revolutionary, individualistic and very powerful.”  New Dean Prudy Gourguechon’s term begins July 1.


    Also recognized for service to the Institute was Dale Gody, outgoing director of the Exploring Psychoanalysis Program (Nancy Lawrenz has already taken leadership of the program, which is currently recruiting new students). The Institute Candidates Association, represented by Joann Dakota Cimo and Chris Rigling, named Ann Kaplan as Teacher of the Year.


    There was also music, as Spira and Weinstein serenaded the group, and even led a singalong, on guitar.  Congratulations to our 2019 graduates:


    Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Thought

    Feras Alawad*

    Marina Bayeva

    Mark Chapman

    Laura Li Chunman*

    Indrany Datta-Barua

    Matthew Friedman

    Sand Lan Jiang*

    Leo Qiang Kang*

    Lisa Ann Karaitis

    Ethan Karsen

    Arlette Kopeliovich*

    Benjamin H. Lang

    Lolly Lederer Connolly

    Marielle Mershart

    Michael A. Morin

    Jenna Peterson

    Ari Richelson

    Eugene Sampson

    Karyn E. Sandlos

    Timothy Michael Sawyier

    David Sholtes

    Laurel Spindel

    Olivia Torres*

    Ban Ying*


    Adult Psychotherapy Program

    Lyndal Diane Andrews

    Emily R. Knotek

    Mollye Levy


    Psychoanalytic Education Program

    Linda L. Emanuel

    Susan Pearlson

    David Powell

    Gail Richman


    * denotes distance students



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